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Marvin simplifies the process of creating multi-channel social media content,while providing powerful insights.
Unleash creativity,foster collaboration, and achieve digital success!
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With Marvin you can create social media content for the widest range of social media channels

Creating all your social media content couldn't be easier

Create Your Content
Easily Create Alternate Versions Across All Your Social Channels
Review, Edit, Authorise
Publish To All Your Social Channels In Just A Few Clicks
Analyse Post Performance Across All Your Channels
Improve Post Performance Using Your Data

Marvin ensures your content is perfect

Our content rules meticulously ensure that every piece of content meets the strict criteria of the respective social media channel, guaranteeing its validity and optimal performance
  • Automatically checks character limits
  • Automatically checks file sizes and formats
  • Create your own rules
  • Only publish to a channel if the rules are met

Organise your content for easier access and enhanced analytics


Create tags to organise, use as meta data or create hashtags


Create tagging rules and have tags automatically applied as you create your content


Anything you save will be ready to organize
as soon as you're back at your computer.


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£65 £35 £702 £378
Rolling Contract
Unlimited Social Channels
Unlimited Storage
AI Text & Images (Once Available)
Canva Integration (Once Available)
2 Months Free Trial
Mobile App Access
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I now post to six social media channels in the time it used to take me to publish to just one! Game Changer!!

Massive Time Savings!
Early Adopter

Marvin's plans to support such a wide range of social networks presents a fantastic Global opportunity

Brilliant Idea!
Angel Investor

Marvin's Lifetime Plan was a no-brainer for me. The amount of time I save posting was worth the one off fee many times over!

Fantastic Value For Money
Early Adopter

We can clearly see the power of Marvin and how it really does enable businesses to create multi-channel content with ease

Extremely Powerful
SaaS Accelerator

We can't wait for the authorisation functionality to be in place to support cross client authorisation

Better Than Our Current System
Content Creation Agency

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