Channel Groups: The Ultimate Tool for Organised Social Media Teams

We’re excited to announce a powerful new feature in Marvin: Channel Groups. This innovative addition is designed to give you more control over your social media channels, making it easier than ever to manage access and streamline your marketing efforts. Whether you’re working with a diverse team or overseeing multiple franchises, Channel Groups will revolutionise the way you handle your social media strategy.

What are Channel Groups?

Channel Groups allow you to organise and control access to specific social media channels within Marvin. This feature is particularly useful for teams or departments where you need to restrict which channels they can use. By creating distinct groups, you can ensure that each team member or department only has access to the channels relevant to their role, reducing the risk of errors and improving efficiency.

Key Benefits of Channel Groups

1. Enhanced Control and Security

With Channel Groups, you can assign specific channels to different teams or individuals, ensuring that only authorised users can post or manage content on those channels. This level of control helps maintain security and integrity across your social media platforms.

2. Streamlined Workflow

By organising channels into groups, you can simplify your workflow. Team members can quickly identify the channels they are responsible for, reducing confusion and enhancing productivity. This is particularly beneficial for larger organisations with multiple departments managing different aspects of social media.

3. Customisable Access

Channel Groups offer customisable access levels, allowing you to tailor permissions based on the needs of your organisation. Whether you need to restrict access to a single channel or provide broader permissions to a department, Channel Groups give you the flexibility to manage access with precision.

4. Channel Selection Efficiency Improvements

You asked, we listened! The Channel Groups change now makes it even easier and quicker to select just the channels that you want to post to.

Even More Benefits For Franchises

Channel Groups are not just for internal teams. They offer significant advantages for franchise-based businesses as well. Here’s how:

1. Hierarchical Management

Franchise operators, country managers, regional managers, and individual franchise holders can all use the same instance of Marvin while having distinct access levels. This hierarchical structure ensures that each level can manage their social media content appropriately.

2. Consistent Branding with Local Flexibility

Channel Groups allow for consistent brand messaging across all franchises while providing the flexibility for individual franchises to tailor their content. For example, a country-level manager can publish a nationwide campaign offering a 10% discount across all franchises, while a local franchise holder can promote a special 15% discount specific to their location.

3. Efficient Content Distribution

With Channel Groups, distributing content becomes seamless. Central teams can push out content to multiple franchises simultaneously, ensuring timely and consistent messaging.

How to Get Started with Channel Groups

Getting started with Channel Groups in Marvin is simple – we’ve already created the first group for you as part of this change!

  1. Add A Channel Group: Navigate to Channels > Manage Channel Groups and click Create Channel Group
  2. Controlling Access: If you want to restrict access to particular channels you can easily do this in Marvin by creating a new Company (Security>Companies) and then linking a channel to a different company (Channels>Manage Channels) and finally setting on the User which Companies they can access (Security > Users)

We’ll shortly be adding a video on our YouTube channel that will explain more about Channel Groups and how to use them so make sure you follow us on there!

Channel Groups are designed to bring a new level of efficiency and control to your social media management. Whether you’re managing a team, multiple departments, or a franchise network, this feature will help you streamline operations, maintain security, and ensure consistent branding. Explore Channel Groups today and see how Marvin can transform your social media strategy.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to enhance Marvin with new features to support your growing needs!

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